About Me

My name is Greg Rhoden and I am starting an aerial video and photography business. Growing up, I lived in the country near a small, private airport. Once a year, a man came around selling photos of our house and property that he had taken while flying his plane overhead. I remember thinking, what a neat perspective. Look at how beautiful our house looks from the air.  How rich the photo looked. This view was one reserved for aircraft owners and out of reach for the rest of us. This cost my mom and dad a couple hundred dollars every several years for updated photos.

Well technology has changed and we are able to capture that perspective a lot easier. I currently own two professional unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones as they are sometimes called. I have been flying for the last couple of years and like all hobbies, this one can be expensive.

I am currently trying to build my portfolio and photography assets while at the same time fine tuning my skills to deliver the best possible product.  I have produced a promotional video for KOA Granby / Bromont and provided several photographs for Quinte Isle Campground, Napanee highlighting their Great Lake side properties for sale.  I have obtained videos of feature holes at local golf courses to incorporate into interactive mobile device applications. As well as the above, I would like to break into the real estate aerial photography market.  The addition of aerial photography to real estate advertisement provides huge returns. And finally, the age old homestead keepsake photo of the generational home or family reunion / wedding photos that includes all your guests.

I am fully insured and have all the legal operational requirements set out by Transport Canada.


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