My Very First Post

This is my very first post. So here I go.  I am a public servant in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and have been so for the majority of my life.  I truly believe that the customer is always right and their needs should be met as much as possible.  I once heard somewhere that a person changes careers at least three times in a lifetime.  Well, I’m not changing careers but branching out.  My full-time job finances my family’s ability to survive and this new part-time UAV hobby will hopefully finance itself.

A couple years ago, I became interested in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).    The learning curve was quick and I think I viewed every DJI Phantom vs 3DR Solo youtube video produced.  I already had a GoPro Hero 4 so I figured the Solo would be the better fit for me in the drone world.  As well, it was the most upgradeable and would grow with me.  I started filming the highlights and popular spots around Carp in hopes of producing a Carp Tourism Video.

My first video was of the local soccer field which provided me the most open area to both learn and make mistakes.  Now I am not a very good traveler, in fact I require medication to fly.  This provides me the best of both worlds.  I get to experience the view obtained from flight but remain with both feet firmly on the ground.

UAVs, these days, don’t require hours and hours of training to fly. You can be up in the air in a matter of minutes . The technology in these drones not only allow beginners to join the ranks but experienced pilots can have fun as well.


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