Christmas Gift

Well today I’m waiting for the sun to rise. I’m off to my parents to take some aerial photos. In my About Me blog I mentioned my parents used to purchase aerial photos of their house and property. This year I’m going to take some photos and get one printed and framed for Christmas.  A great gift for ANY occasion.  I hope my Mom and Dad aren’t reading this blog.  I’ll post a pic later.

I’m home.  I stopped in Manotick on the way to my parents and sent my drone up to photograph Watson’s Mill.  It’s such a beautiful spot.


I finally arrived at my folks house and took some aerial shots.  I have decided to wait til late spring, early summer to take my aerials.  The green will look better than the grey



I then decided to go to Kilmarnock Locks which is part of the Rideau Canal system.  It has one of the last and oldest swing bridges still in operation.  It is a historical site.  I have again decided to return when the boats are lined up in the late spring.


A scary thing happened while I was at the locks.  I was hovering over the water when the Phantom suddenly acted erratically and started flying an unexpected direction.  I had to act quick from fear that my drone would end up in the water.  I managed to get it over land and put it on the ground.  I still don’t know what the issue was.  Battery too cold? or brief interruption in battery or link engaging the Return to Home feature.  I tried looking at the log but nothing. Going to do some research.  I got a cold battery warning earlier in  the shoot at 17 degrees Celsius.


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