Reluctant To Put Drones Away.

These days I find that I check the weather and daytime temperatures more these.  I look for every opportunity to fly and therefore I look for -6 degrees Celsius and above to get out with the drone.  My DJI Phantom 4 boasts an operational temp of -10 and above but the 3DR Solo isn’t as tolerant to the cold.  But at -6 I thought I would put it up for a test. The large amount of snow the day before would make a good subject of my video.

The flight was delayed a bit for a software update to 2.4.2  but eventually it was time for liftoff.  The controls were a little sluggish and I wonder if it may have something to do with me having issues with linking controller to Solo.  It may also have had something to do with the 23 kph winds.  Again, I was reminded of the lengthy time to obtain satellites.  It is quite a bit longer with the Solo compared to the DJI P4.

The flight not only tested the ability for the Solo to fly in the subzero temperatures but also to test the new software update to the GoPro.  The new linear feature for 2.7K video allows you to remove the fish-eye appearance.  Once back on the ground and video downloaded, I was quite impressed and encouraged by the video.




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