Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro

Well, I’m thinking of making the jump from Adobe Premiere Elements 14 to Final Cut Pro X.  I don’t enjoy the thought of having to pay a monthly fee for After Effects.  Final Cut Pro has special motion tracking and other effects with the flat purchased fee.

I downloaded the trial version of Final Cut Pro with Track X.  It seems to work great and looks awesome when placed within a movie.  Now to get some  new video to work with.


Reluctant To Put Drones Away.

These days I find that I check the weather and daytime temperatures more these.  I look for every opportunity to fly and therefore I look for -6 degrees Celsius and above to get out with the drone.  My DJI Phantom 4 boasts an operational temp of -10 and above but the 3DR Solo isn’t as tolerant to the cold.  But at -6 I thought I would put it up for a test. The large amount of snow the day before would make a good subject of my video.

The flight was delayed a bit for a software update to 2.4.2  but eventually it was time for liftoff.  The controls were a little sluggish and I wonder if it may have something to do with me having issues with linking controller to Solo.  It may also have had something to do with the 23 kph winds.  Again, I was reminded of the lengthy time to obtain satellites.  It is quite a bit longer with the Solo compared to the DJI P4.

The flight not only tested the ability for the Solo to fly in the subzero temperatures but also to test the new software update to the GoPro.  The new linear feature for 2.7K video allows you to remove the fish-eye appearance.  Once back on the ground and video downloaded, I was quite impressed and encouraged by the video.



Christmas Gift

Well today I’m waiting for the sun to rise. I’m off to my parents to take some aerial photos. In my About Me blog I mentioned my parents used to purchase aerial photos of their house and property. This year I’m going to take some photos and get one printed and framed for Christmas.  A great gift for ANY occasion.  I hope my Mom and Dad aren’t reading this blog.  I’ll post a pic later.

I’m home.  I stopped in Manotick on the way to my parents and sent my drone up to photograph Watson’s Mill.  It’s such a beautiful spot.


I finally arrived at my folks house and took some aerial shots.  I have decided to wait til late spring, early summer to take my aerials.  The green will look better than the grey



I then decided to go to Kilmarnock Locks which is part of the Rideau Canal system.  It has one of the last and oldest swing bridges still in operation.  It is a historical site.  I have again decided to return when the boats are lined up in the late spring.


A scary thing happened while I was at the locks.  I was hovering over the water when the Phantom suddenly acted erratically and started flying an unexpected direction.  I had to act quick from fear that my drone would end up in the water.  I managed to get it over land and put it on the ground.  I still don’t know what the issue was.  Battery too cold? or brief interruption in battery or link engaging the Return to Home feature.  I tried looking at the log but nothing. Going to do some research.  I got a cold battery warning earlier in  the shoot at 17 degrees Celsius.

My Very First Post

This is my very first post. So here I go.  I am a public servant in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and have been so for the majority of my life.  I truly believe that the customer is always right and their needs should be met as much as possible.  I once heard somewhere that a person changes careers at least three times in a lifetime.  Well, I’m not changing careers but branching out.  My full-time job finances my family’s ability to survive and this new part-time UAV hobby will hopefully finance itself.

A couple years ago, I became interested in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).    The learning curve was quick and I think I viewed every DJI Phantom vs 3DR Solo youtube video produced.  I already had a GoPro Hero 4 so I figured the Solo would be the better fit for me in the drone world.  As well, it was the most upgradeable and would grow with me.  I started filming the highlights and popular spots around Carp in hopes of producing a Carp Tourism Video.

My first video was of the local soccer field which provided me the most open area to both learn and make mistakes.  Now I am not a very good traveler, in fact I require medication to fly.  This provides me the best of both worlds.  I get to experience the view obtained from flight but remain with both feet firmly on the ground.

UAVs, these days, don’t require hours and hours of training to fly. You can be up in the air in a matter of minutes . The technology in these drones not only allow beginners to join the ranks but experienced pilots can have fun as well.